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Brandon University’s (BU’s) quickly growing Co-operative Education program has achieved a new remarkable milestone: 100 per cent employment for summer 2023!

“All the students in the Co-op Program have landed relevant work opportunities that connect to their degree or their future career path,” said Cora Dupuis, the program’s Coordinator.

The students and supporters of Brandon University’s (BU’s) Co-operative Education Program were celebrated at a luncheon on Friday at Harvest Hall.
Nathan Campbell, left, and Terry Burgess, centre, of RBC accept the Co-Op Community Support Award from Brandon University President and Vice-Chancellor David Docherty.

A skilled educator with experience supporting student success is leading Brandon University’s (BU’s) growing Co-operative Education program this year.
Davion Johnson is filling the role held by Cora Dupuis while Dupuis takes study leave for the 2022 calendar year to complete her PhD in Educational Studies.