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A Brandon University researcher is in the field near Sudbury, Ontario, this summer assessing how to restore a damaged ecosystem that could be a tremendous carbon sink.

Dr. Pete Whittington is a professor and chair of the Department of Geography and Environment at BU. his research focuses on peatlands, which are a type of wetland that can store tonnes of carbon into the ground for thousands of years.


The first day of Brandon University’s Spring Convocation celebrated graduates from the Faculties of Science and Education, as well as from the School of Music.

In today’s morning ceremony, nearly 90 Science grads and nearly 40 Music grads received their degrees, followed by nearly 190 Education degrees bestowed in the afternoon ceremony.


Brandon University recognized several long-time employees last week at a reception and dinner in honour of faculty and staff who retired between January 2023 and April 2024.

Nine retirees, with cumulative service of 284 years, were honoured at the event. Five of the retirees were able to attend.


Dr. Austin Gulliver and Dr. Tyler Foster of BU’s Department of Physics and Astronomy will host a viewing of Monday’s solar eclipse.

They will set up two solar-filtered telescopes, from about 12:50 p.m., to about 3 p.m., outside the south entrance of the John R. Brodie Science Centre, along Louise Ave. They will also have welder’s glasses and eclipse viewing shades available for $1 each on a first-come, first-served basis. They also donated 40 glasses to Riverheights School in Brandon.


Nearly two dozen students at Brandon University will present from their senior-level projects at a Colloquium on Monday, April 8.

Colloquium is the term for an academic meeting that discusses multiple topics, and is an apt title for this annual event, where student presentations embrace a broad diversity of subjects, from rail lines to rural broadband to radiographs to Riding Mountain National Park.

“There’s always something for everyone at the Colloquium, but I’m really impressed with this year’s lineup,” said co-organizer Dr. James Naylor, a history professor at BU, who noted that anyone, including members of the public, were invited to drop in at any point during the day, and to stay for as many presentations as they liked.


A Brandon University researcher known for his work on restoring peatlands is part of a team that has secured $1,466,449 in federal funding to look at polluted peatlands in northern Ontario.

Dr. Pete Whittington, Associate Professor of Geography & Environment at BU, joins Dr. Colin McCarter, Assistant Professor at Nipissing University and Canada Research Chair in Climate and Environmental Change, who was awarded an Alliance Missions Grant from the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada announced this month.