Brandon University recognizes contributions of more than 100 faculty and staff members

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BRANDON, Man. – More than 100 faculty and staff members were honoured this week by Brandon University (BU) and its Board of Governors at the BU Long Service Recognition Event.

Those recognized included 15 departed faculty and staff members, many of whom have recently retired.  More than 90 other faculty and staff were presented with pins for completing at least 10 years of service. Two of those recognized — Janice Mahoney in the Faculty of Arts and Athletic Therapist Steven Dzubinski, who will soon be retiring — were honoured for 40 years of service.

“The staff and faculty play a large and very important role in ensuring that Brandon University is a leading post-secondary institution,” said Derrick Stewart, Chair of the BU Board of Governors.

“As a Board, we appreciate the commitment that each of them have shown in providing opportunities for our students and for our community.”

After the official ceremony, the employees were joined by friends, family and colleagues for a brief reception.

“Our staff and faculty are wonderful ambassadors for our university,” said Gervan Fearon, President and Vice-Chancellor of BU. “In many cases, they are the face and first point of contact of BU that our students and other members of the public see and interact with each day. The strength of Brandon University is defined by the commitment, contributions and long service of staff and faculty members. Our faculty and staff are all to be applauded for their contributions to post-secondary education and our students.”

2016/2017 Departees

  • Marilyn Van Walleghem, 16 Years, Faculty of Education
  • Stephen Gouthro, 10 Years, Faculty of Arts
  • Brenda Bull, 26 Years, Human Resources
  • William Gallaway, 33 Years, Faculty of Science
  • Kenneth Beesley, 14  Years, Faculty of Arts
  • Erlin Zurawski, 26 Years, Financial & Registration
  • Laura-Lee Lauder, 28 Years, Bookstore
  • Frances Racher, 20 Years, Faculty of Health Studies
  • Lee Bullee, 10 Years, IT Services
  • Rachel Major, 26 Years, Faculty of Arts
  • Margaret Pollex, 27 Years, Faculty of Arts
  • Diane Novak, 18 Years, Center for Teaching and Learning
  • Kathryn Hyndman, 13 Years, Faculty of Health Studies
  • Carol Wells, 34 Years, Physical Plant
  • Barbara Harrison, 13 Years, Faculty of Health Studies

2016/2017 Long Service Pin Recipients

40 Years

  • Janice Mahoney, Faculty of Arts
  • Steven Dzubinski, Athletic Therapy

35 Years

  • Al Dunthorne, IT Services
  • Eric Raine, IT Services
  • Gwynfor Richards, Faculty of Science
  • Paul O’Driscoll, Student Services
  • Kenneth Bessant, Faculty of Arts

30 Years:

  • Lisa Murray, Faculty of Arts
  • Terry Stamper, School of Music
  • Jan Chaboyer, Financial & Registration Services
  • Susan Roddy, Faculty of Science
  • Daryle McCannell, Faculty of Education
  • Jeffrey Williams, Faculty of Science
  • Roberta McLaughlin, Financial & Registration Services
  • Warren Wotton, Physical Plant
  • Doug Macintyre, Student Services
  • Nukte Edguer, Faculty of Science
  • Linda Ross, Faculty of Science
  • Barbara Harpe, Registrar’s Office
  • Heather Coulter, Library

25 Years

  • Darlene Commer, Physical Plant
  • Deb Berkan, Institutional Data & Analysis Office
  • Scott Lamont, Administration and Finance
  • T. Patrick Carrabre, School of Music
  • Erlin Zurawski, Financial & Registration
  • Marion Terry, Faculty of Education
  • Linda Krieser, Faculty of Science
  • Kevin Wong, Faculty of Arts

20 years

  • Darrell Racine, Faculty of Arts
  • Faiz Ahmad, Faculty of Science
  • Margaret Carrington, Faculty of Science
  • J. Renee Robinson, Faculty of Health Studies
  • Angela Revet, Library
  • Noreen Ek, Faculty of Health Studies
  • Dion Wiseman, Faculty of Science
  • Alice Calvert, Physical Plant
  • Julie Ann Kniskern, Faculty of Education
  • Steven Robinson, Office of the Vice-President
  • Lisa Robson, Faculty of Arts

15 Years

  • Greg Gatien, School of Music
  • Jacquie Esplin, Financial & Registration Services
  • Denis-Paul Combet, Faculty of Arts
  • Sheilagh Grills, Student Services
  • Alexis Braun, Student Services
  • Michael Malazdrewicz, Faculty of Arts
  • Bernice Galvin, Faculty of Education
  • Christopher Malcolm, Faculty of Science
  • Todd Fugleberg, Faculty of Science
  • Shannon Downey, Office of the Vice-President
  • Camille Colter, Physical Plant
  • Ginny Goebel, Physical Plant
  • Alexa Okrainec, Faculty of Education
  • Karen Stewart, Financial & Registration Services
  • John Carter-Squire, Physical Plant
  • Sally Spiss, Financial & Registration Services
  • Nicky Kreshewski, Human Resources
  • Chenkuan Li, Faculty of Science
  • Fiona Smith, Faculty of Health Studies
  • Carol MacRae, Physical Plant
  • Blaine Mulligan, Physical Plant
  • Roberta Graham, Faculty of Health Studies

10 Years

  • Brenda Hutlet, Physical Plant
  • Katherine Pachkowski, Faculty of Health Studies
  • Erica Brown, Human Resources
  • Denise Merrill, Physical Plant
  • Derek Brown, Faculty of Arts
  • DawnDena Gordon, Campus Manitoba
  • Michelle Magnusson, Student Services
  • Kelly Saunders, Faculty of Arts
  • Corrie Ransom, Healthy Living Centre
  • Colin Atkinson, Physical Plant
  • Pauline Morton, Faculty of Science
  • Bernadette Ardelli, Faculty of Science
  • David Playfair, School of Music
  • Megumi Masaki-Hechler, School of Music
  • Judy McIntosh, Financial & Registration Services
  • Michael Blair, IT Services
  • Christopher Brown, Faculty of Education
  • Ian Smith, Physical Plant
  • Patricia Harms, Faculty of Arts
  • Felicia Lucec, Faculty of Health Studies
  • Lidia Lohr, Financial & Registration Services
  • Jennifer McIntosh, Registrar’s Office
  • Faye Simpson, Faculty of Health Studies
  • Laura Cloet, Human Resources
  • Tadesse Mengistu, Faculty of Science
  • Ali Somarin, Faculty of Science
  • Maureen Cesmystruk, Faculty of Education
  • Tyler Foster, Faculty of Science
  • Betty Wedgewood, Faculty of Health Studies
  • Christy Henry, Library


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