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Researchers at Brandon University (BU), Carleton University, Dalhousie University, University of Manitoba, and St. Francis Xavier University have begun collecting data for the Safe Places for Aging and Care project.
The researchers are examining how features of care environments in both home care and personal care homes influence violence.

BRANDON – Students will get a global view of an event they are all experiencing in a Medical Anthropology course returning to Brandon University (BU) in January 2021.
Anthropology of Global Public Health (BU course No. 12:456) has been re-introduced because of its relevance to the COVID-19 pandemic and added to BU’s Winter Term schedule.

Researchers in Manitoba, Ontario and Nova Scotia seek strategies to improve care environments
Researchers at Brandon University (BU), Carleton University, Dalhousie University, University of Manitoba, and St. Francis Xavier University are undertaking a four-year research project to improve care environments for older adults and those who care for them.
The overall goal of this research is to identify how and why features of care environments influence violence in home and residential care settings with the aim of improving violence prevention strategies across long-term care.

BRANDON, MB – A community health leader and visiting professor at Brandon University (BU) says every Canadian would benefit from an approach making health a consideration in all public policy.
Dr. Ardene Robinson Vollman is a registered nurse, educator, and researcher in public health and health promotion; chair-elect of the Canadian Public Health Association; and Stanley Knowles Distinguished Visiting Professor in the Faculty of Health Studies at BU.
“How can we, as citizens and members of our community,” says Dr. Vollman, “look at the social and environmental conditions in which we live, love, learn, play, pray and work, and generate health-promoting behaviours within our community?