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A research team from Brandon is working with Brandon residents, global leaders in Copenhagen, and Canadian experts to improve public space like parks and pathways, including non-motorized ways, like walking and biking, for people to get around the city of Brandon.

The “Walking the Walk in Smaller Cities” team brings together representatives from Brandon University, the City of Brandon, and Prairie Mountain Health.


A team representing Brandon University, the City of Brandon, and Prairie Mountain Health has been awarded federal funding to engage city of Brandon residents and national and world-class leaders in discussions about how to improve public spaces.

Their new project, called “Walking the Walk in Smaller Cities,” will involve listening to the community, learning from other cities in Canada and abroad, and developing recommendations from this combination of local and global voices.


The Brandon University campus is buzzing again, as honeybee hives have returned for the second year of a pilot project dubbed ‘Bee U’ that demonstrates urban beekeeping in Brandon.

This year’s hives are in a better spot for public viewing and are located on the roof of the Knowles-Douglas Student Union Centre, just outside a bank of plate glass windows that will allow bee-curious people a safe and up-close place to watch the hive activity as well as regular beekeeping duties.