Month: July 2022

Courtesy of the Brandon Sun’s Westman This Week.
By Chelsea Kemp
The Journal of Rural and Community Development has secured three years of renewed funding from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada.

BRANDON – Archaeologists from Brandon University (BU) and the Manitoba Archaeological Society (MAS) are continuing their multi-year investigation of how Indigenous people lived in southwestern Manitoba before the arrival of Europeans.
The research project involves archaeological sites in the Pierson Wildlife Management Area (WMA) on Treaty 2 lands, which are the traditional homelands of the Dakota, Anishanabek, Ojibway-Cree, Cree, Dene and Métis peoples.

Kevin McKenzie, an Assistant Professor in Brandon University’s IshKaabatens Waasa Gaa Inaabateg Department of Visual Art, has a new exhibition opening this week at the Art Gallery of Southwestern Manitoba (AGSM).
McKenzie’s show, ayîkisis ᐊᔩᑭᓯᐢ, will be featured in the main gallery of the AGSM from Thursday, July 14 to Saturday, Sept.