Month: January 2021

While COVID-19 has shut down live performances for many musicians, the pandemic is also opening new doors for musical expression and international collaboration.
The Brandon University Indigenous New Music Festival will be streamed online this year, beginning with a joint performance on Saturday Jan. 30 by the Brandon University New Music Ensemble (BUNME) and Any Enemy (North East New Music Ensemble), a contemporary ensemble made up of musicians from northeast Scotland.

Bell Let’s Talk Day is Thursday, Jan. 28 in 2021. Again this year, Brandon University is proud to support Bell Let’s Talk Day through their various initiatives to increase awareness and acceptance around mental health.

Class assignments may next be headed for publication after a Brandon University professor set up a special opportunity for students in one of his classes.
Instead of a single model of how a boy can grow into a man, the book ‘Boy Oh Boy’ offers 30 stories of people whose lives demonstrate that there are endless possibilities—that boys and men can do and be so much more than what we think of when we say things like “boys will be boys.

Brandon University’s thriving Co-operative Education program has taken another major step forward, with a big expansion in the number of department majors where students can take advantage of work experience as part of their degree.
The new expansion, approved late last month by the BU Senate, means that almost every single student will have some opportunity for formal work experience as part of their degree.

A compilation of images of the contents found in the stomach of the fossilized nodosaur. (Images by David Greenwood, Cathy Greenwood, Jessica Kalyniuk)
The remarkable findings of a research partnership between Brandon University, the University of Saskatchewan and the Royal Tyrrell Musuem have been lauded by CNN as some of 2020’s “most fascinating and awe-inspiring discoveries.