Long Service Recognition Event

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Brandon University and its Board of Governors invite all Brandon University employees, retirees, and their guests to attend the annual Long Service Recognition Event on Tuesday, May 10, 2011. A reception will begin at 2:30 p.m. and presentations will follow at 3:00 p.m. The event will take place in Clark Hall Room 212.

During the ceremony, BU will be saying farewell to the following employees:

Roderick McGinn, Faculty of Science, 32 years
Tom Mitchell, Library, 30 years
David Paul, Faculty of Education, 29 years
Robert Annis, Rural Development Institute, 28 years
Sharon Springer, Student Services, 24 years
Lorraine Humphries, Physical Plant, 21 years
Renee Will, School of Health Studies, 20 years
Valoree Munro, Campus Manitoba, 13 years
Glen Carruthers, School of Music, 12 years
Barbara-Jean Jackson, School of Health Studies, 11 years
Dolores Samatte, Faculty of Education, 9 years
Linda Gradwell, Information Technology Services, 9 years
Tom Koritar, Physical Plant, 8 years
Karen Nelson, School of Health Studies, 7 years
Kristin Balciunas, Financial & Registration Services, 7 years
Amy Ashcroft, Registrar’s Office, 6 years
Lisa Bridges, Faculty of Education, 5 years
Pin presentations for long service recognition will also be made to the following employees:

Academic and Research:
Linda Burridge, 40 years
Beverley Lischka, 10 years

Administration and Finance:
Deb Berkan, 20 years
Bill Myers, 10 years

Ancillary Services:
Karen Lafournie, 30 years
Laura-Lee Lauder, 25 years

Faculty of Arts:
Beverley Nicholson, 30 years
Morris Mott, 25 years
Fattaneh Zehtab-Jadid, 20 years
Steve Robinson, 15 years
Denis Combet, 10 years

Faculty of Education:
Arnold Novak, 40 years
Steven Dzubinski, 35 years
Sherry Peden, 15 years
Alexa Okrainec, 10 years

Financial & Registration Services:
Erlin Zurawski, 20 years
Jacquie Esplin, 10 years
Karen Stewart, 10 years
Sally Spiss, 10 years

School of Heath Studies:
Renee Will, 20 years
John Simpson, 15 years
Renee Robinson, 15 years

Human Resources:
Debra Murray, 20 years

Information Technology Services:
Tanya Joice, 10 years

Tom Mitchell, 30 years
Heather Coulter, 25 years
Carol Steele, 10 years

School of Music:
Wayne Bowman, 30 years
Terry Stamper, 25 years
Gregory Gatien, 10 years

Physical Plant:
Warren Wotton, 25 years
Darlene Commer, 20 years
Alice Calvert, 20 years
Keith Parker, 15 years
John Carter-Squire, 10 years
Ginny Goebel, 10 years

Registrar’s Office:
Janet Olmstead Wood, 40 years

Faculty of Science:
Betty Peloquin, 30 years
Gerald Dueck, 30 years
Bruce Forrest, 25 years
Jeffrey Williams, 25 years
Wenonah van Heyst, 10 years

Student Services:
Paul O’Driscoll, 30 years
Anita Allan, 25 years
Douglas Pople, 25 years
Cynthia Klassen, 20 years
In Memoriam:
Peter Giesbrecht, Information Technology Services
For more information, please contact:
Kristen Fisher
President’s Office
Brandon University
204) 727-9714


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