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BRANDON, MB – Danbi Lee is carefully stitching together pieces of leather to make her own pair of moccasins, in a workshop on cultural awareness at Brandon University (BU). She aspires to be a banker and has travelled to Canada from her home in Jeonju, South Korea, to improve her language skills in BU’s English for Academic Purposes program (EAP)
Danbi Lee and Raj Vuth, EAP students
“Brandon is terribly cold,” she laughs, “but a good place to learn English because there aren’t many other Koreans here, so I am really using my new language skills.

BRANDON, MB – Three students from Brandon University (BU) will be continuing their education abroad this fall, after being accepted into a university exchange program involving some 200 institutions.
Kayla Koivisto, a third year student in BU’s Applied Disaster and Emergency Studies program, will attend University of Colorado at Colorado Springs, returning to BU for graduation in the spring of 2014.