Book underscores effectiveness of fun in the classroom

Fun need not be left behind in preschool.

Book cover features a statue wearing glasses and the text "Ludic Pedagogy - a Seriously Fun Way to Teach and Learn"

In fact, Dr. T. Keith Edmunds, an Assistant Professor in Business Administration at Brandon University (BU), and Dr. Sharon Lauricella, a Professor in Communication Studies at Ontario Tech University have studied and applied four concepts essential to Ludic Pedagogy in college and university classes.

Together, these two academics have written the Rowman & Littlefield book entitled Ludic Pedagogy: A Seriously Fun Way to Teach and Learn. Fun, play, playfulness, and positivity are the foundational elements of their overarching philosophy.

A woman smiles
Dr. Sharon Lauricella

“In order to win over the elbow-patched-blazer-wearing professoriate, we specifically address why the ludic mindset, and having fun, is compatible with ‘serious’ academic work,” said Dr. Lauricella, whose research has included teaching and learning with technology.

Based on existing research, this pedagogical tool can guide all professionals teaching at post-secondary institutions with useful examples and activities, along with first-hand, experience-based advice.

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Dr. T. Keith Edmunds

Dr. Edmunds, who also has an interest in pop culture, has practiced what he preaches in this new book. 

“In many of my classes, I have used role playing and other games to bring theory and academic concepts to life,” said Dr. Edmunds. “Let’s just say that in some cases, I have had to close the classroom door to contain the enthusiastic engagement of my students. Many of them have commented that the real-life scenarios and games I have used in class have not only been enjoyable to experience, but useful in applying and cementing the ideas that I teach.”

Together, along with other proponents of the ludic approach to teaching, Lauricella and Edmunds have also founded the Ludic Pedagogy Lab, at Ontario Tech University, in Oshawa, Ont.

On June 15, at 6:30 p.m. CDT, an online launch will feature the co-writers. At that time, they will discuss the Ludic Pedagogy model they introduce in their book as well as answer questions. While free to attend, audience members must register at Following the launch, they will have an opportunity to save 20 per cent on their purchase of the book.


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