Brandon University bumps up one in annual university rankings

Brandon University has risen by one spot this year in the annual rankings of Canadian universities conducted by Maclean’s magazine.

“I’m proud of everyone at BU, where students, faculty, and staff all work hard to support a caring institution that is Canada’s Finest Regional University,” said BU President Dr. David Docherty. “The core BU elements that we value — vibrancy, engagement, and success — only partially overlap with the Maclean’s metrics.”

The annual rankings, released last week, continue to shine a spotlight on BU’s strong student-faculty ratio, student services support, and library investments. Maclean’s continues to penalize BU with low scores on elements like national reputation and number of national awards.

“Rankings reflect what you choose to measure as much as how well you’re doing,” Docherty noted, pointing out that the Maclean’s rankings don’t assess tuition fees or other measures of affordability, where BU would score highly.

“Brandon University is inclusive, accessible, and supportive in ways that meet the unique needs of our region and our students.”

Mamaawii-atooshke aakihkiwiin, the new BU Strategic Plan, calls for increased support of students and faculty in seeking national awards, where BU perennially falls short in the magazine’s rankings.

“We know we have great scholars at BU, and we do have a great track record of them getting recognized — when we apply,” Docherty said. “Unlike some larger institutions, we don’t staff an office to generate and assist with award nominations. But we will do more to help people at BU put their names forward for the recognition they deserve.”

Docherty said that the strategic plan also called for a wider recognition of the role of regional universities in their communities.

“Regional universities are unsung heroes of Canada’s post-secondary system, and BU provides irreplaceable services to Brandon, to Westman, and to Manitoba,” he said. “The bottom line is that all of Canada’s universities provide a world-class education, and we’re proud to be the best fit for our region. It’s interesting to keep an eye on Maclean’s once a year, but I’m much more focused on our rankings in places like Miniota and Minnedosa.”


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