BU Co-op program expansion to add 450 spaces supporting experiential learning

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RBC Future Launch funding focused on increasing access for diverse students

Brandon University’s Co-operative Education Program has nearly tripled in size since its founding three and a half years ago, and will be able to add 450 new spaces for students to benefit from work-integrated learning experiences thanks to big boost from RBC Future Launch.

“Co-operative education connects eager students with employers and mentors, helping students to build skills, grow their networks, and launch their careers,” said BU President David Docherty. “We are thrilled that RBC Future Launch is joining us to support our students and their success as we continue to build BU into Manitoba’s top experience university and serve our region.”

Over the next three years, RBC Future Launch will contribute $250,000 to support and expand BU’s Co-operative Education Program. In particular, these funds are focused on providing access to Indigenous, Inuit, and Metis students, international students, students living with disabilities, and students from rural backgrounds.

“It’s exciting to work with BU to continue bringing the promise of RBC Future Launch to life for Brandon youth,” said Terry Burgess, RBC Regional Vice President, Manitoba South. “Ensuring the leaders of tomorrow have equal opportunity today is critical to building more inclusive organizations and communities to achieve collective success and growth. We invite local employers to pair with these talented and motivated students and learn how they can benefit from the energy, fresh ideas, academic knowledge and real skills they bring to the workplace.”

Recently, Brandon University dramatically expanded the number of department majors where students can take advantage of work experience. The new expansion means that every department in the Faculty of Science and all but two departments in the Faculty of Arts feature Co-op as an elective opportunity — the most comprehensive program coverage in the province. Experiential and work-integrated learning is already built into BU’s other faculties, through nursing practica, student teaching placements, and music performance requirements.

“Students are so excited by the opportunity to jump right in that Co-op provides them, and it’s so satisfying to find a great match between student and employer,” said Cora Dupuis, BU’s Co-operative Program Coordinator. “Employers also see the benefit, as early as Day 1, and that is success we can judge from the employers who come back to the program year after year.”

She said that demand for Co-op placements was very strong from both students and employers.

“Thanks to this new funding from RBC Future Launch, we are going to be able to continue expanding Co-operative education opportunities, and reach even more of the people who are eager to participate,” Dupuis said.

For more information about becoming a part of the BU Co-op program, contact Cora at 204-571-7848 or DupuisC@BrandonU.ca or visit BrandonU.ca/Co-op.



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