BU Co-op program expands to include all Science programs, more in Arts

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Students at Brandon University now have Manitoba’s fullest selection of experiential learning options through Co-operative education. Late last year, the Brandon University Senate approved the addition of Co-op programs to eight new majors, nearly doubling the number of majors with Co-op across the Faculties of Arts and Science.

This means, that starting next fall, every BU science student will have an opportunity to add Co-operative education as part of their degree.

“Hands-on learning has long been a core part of science education, and our students get valuable education in the lab and in the field,” said Bernadette Ardelli, BU’s Dean of Science. “Now, through Co-op partnerships, BU students can also get valuable experience partnering with industry and communities, where they can immediately apply their learning in a real-world environment.”

Brandon University’s Co-Operative Education program partners students with employers to the benefit of both.

Brandon University’s growing Co-op program is also finding new opportunities for Arts students.

“We’re blazing new trails for students to further personalize degrees with majors that usually don’t have Co-op or work-integrated learning opportunities,” said Lisa Robson, BU’s Acting Dean of Arts. “Students pursuing English, French, Religion, Philosophy, Rural and Community Studies and Native Studies degrees can now get Co-op experience as part of their studies.”

This new expansion makes Brandon University the only university in the province to offer Co-op to all of its Science majors and most of its Arts programs.

“Talent is built in Brandon” said Cora Dupuis, who leads BU’s Co-operative Education Program. “In the coming year, we plan to add Co-op to even more majors and to keep expanding opportunities for students to make their degrees work for them.”

This expansion of Co-op in Arts and Science aligns with the experiential learning and work-integrated opportunities that have long been a part Brandon University’s approach to an outstanding education.

“Many programs have practicums built in already, like student teaching, music performances, and nursing rotations, and that’s because we know how well practical experience works,” Dupuis said. “Thanks to enthusiastic partnerships with local businesses and organizations, we can now offer personalized versions of these practical experiences to students in many new fields.”

“At Brandon University, career-readiness is increasingly an important part of your degree,” said Steve Robinson, BU’s Vice-President (Academic & Provost). “A BU graduate is fully up-to-date on the latest in their field — many because they are directly participating in research here — and through Co-op, our students are graduating more familiar with and ready for the workplace.”

Launched in 2018, Brandon University’s Co-op program is currently open to students in second year in the following majors and programs: Applied Disaster and Emergency Studies, Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Environmental Science, Geography & Environment, Geology, History, Physics & Astronomy, and Sociology. Effective fall 2020, the following majors are added: English, French, Mathematics, Native Studies, Psychology, Philosophy, Religion, and Rural & Community Studies.

By participating in the Co-op program, students get access to career preparation advice, job search skills, resume and interview support, and one-on-one coaching. Co-operative Education work terms are paid, full-time experiences, usually in the summer months with local and national employers.

Many employers find that BU Co-op students bring a fresh perspective along with relevant skills and a strong work ethic. Additionally, federal funding and provincial tax incentives are available for employers interested in hiring BU Co-op students.

For more information about Co-operative Education at Brandon University visit BrandonU.ca/Co-op.


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