Month: October 2016

Thanks to a hugely successful fundraising effort led by Brandon College and Brandon University alumni, a symbolic staff that represents student leadership will soon be back in the hands of students.
“We know that so many of our alumni have very fond memories of the Senior Stick and Lady Stick, and we are thrilled that we were able to so quickly reach our fundraising goal,” said Carla Eisler, Alumni Relations Officer at BU. “Along with several of the donations came touching notes that really drove home how important this symbol has been to alumni who were here at that time.

BRANDON, Man. — Past and current students of Brandon University’s (BU’s) Applied Disaster and Emergency Studies (ADES) department will gather this weekend to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the department’s creation.
In conjunction with BU’s Homecoming events, the attendees will meet in a series of participant-driven sessions to discuss current issues in emergency management and the connections to higher education.

BRANDON, Man. — Although the end of Mental Illness Awareness Week in Canada is near, the conversation will continue with the Mental Health on the Prairies (MHP) conference next week at Brandon University (BU).
Hosted by the BU Faculty of Health Studies as well as Manitoba Health, Seniors and Active Living, the conference will take place from Wednesday, Oct. 12 to Friday, Oct. 14 with nearly 35 presentations from top-notch speakers.

Mental health speaker, actor and writer Victoria Maxwell will perform her play That’s Just Crazy Talk on Thursday, Oct. 13 at Brandon University’s Lorne Watson Recital Hall.
Maxwell wrote the play, which her website describes as a “funny and achingly truthful” story of coming to terms with mental illness and a look “at both the light and dark side of living with bipolar disorder, anxiety and psychosis.