New Course Examines Journalism in the Digital Age

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BRANDON, MB – Anyone who turns to the internet for news will be interested in an innovative course starting in January at Brandon University (BU). Digital Journalism will examine the current structures, organization, and practices of internet reporting, exploring whether we are shaping the tools in this field or the tools are now shaping our consumption of information and ultimately our critical thinking.

videographer (web)“We will study how journalism is changing in the digital age,” says course designer Glen Gatin, an instructor with BU’s Department of English and Creative Writing whose doctoral work focused on new media studies. “Citizen journalists on the internet are impacting traditional news gathering and dissemination, affecting the information that we consume every day. Digital Journalism will examine the practices common in this emerging field.”

Gatin says an increasing amount of reporting is being conducted in social media spaces, with rarely a story published that is not preceded by a Tweet or internet posting. While not intended as a professional preparation course, Digital Journalism will help students to better understand and consume digital news by exploring online applications and environments.

Acting Dean of Arts, Dr. Steve Robinson, says that journalism is mass communication and mass communication is being revolutionized by digital media. “Journalism provides critical data that we need as citizens to live in a democracy and make informed choices. Digital Journalism is an important new course that will provide important context for the discussion about information, analysis, commentary and reflection.”

www (web)Digital Journalism is open to all, with no prerequisite classes. Participants should have basic computer skills and have access to a multimedia laptop. For more information, or to register, please contact the Faculty of Arts Office at 204-727-9790. Classes start in January, 2015.

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