Science Students Shine at Provincial Conference

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BRANDON, MB – Faster-than-light communications? The evolution of the universe? High-energy particle colliders? Science students at Brandon University (BU) presented research on heady topics during an annual symposium supporting theoretical physics research in Manitoba.

behind crowd (web)The Winnipeg Institute for Theoretical Physics (WITP) is a consortium of all the theoretical physicists within the province, encouraging collaboration between members, and providing financial support for workshops, speakers and research collaboration in Canada and internationally. WTP’s symposium in August on the BU campus featured presentations by students from BU, University and Winnipeg, and University of Manitoba.

“The symposium provides a friendly environment where students can present their research,” says Dr. Sarah Plosker, BU Department of Math and Computer Science. “I am proud of our students, all undergraduates, because they distinguished themselves against graduate students from larger universities. BU’s small class sizes are a definite factor, because students have more quality time with professors and more opportunity to take part in research.”

Jarrad Perron presented on his research into developing new methods to measure the entanglement of highly symmetric quantum states. Ryan Bergen spoke about the analysis of data currently being produced by the Large Hadron Collider, the world’s largest and most expensive high energy particle collider. Brett Meggison has been working on methods to perform calculations on materials at extremely high temperatures, in the study of the life histories of stars and the forces that govern the evolution of the universe.

“The students taking part in this conference, and anyone enrolled in our Faculty of Science, have the potential to change the world with their research,” says Dr. Andrew Egan, Dean of Science at BU. “Math and science degree holders also have the highest earning potential in the workforce, when compared to other university degrees and college graduates.”

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