Senior Colloquium Returns with Wide Range of Topics

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BRANDON, MB — On Friday, April 20, the Senior Colloquium will feature the work of senior students in Arts and Science programs. Their presentations will range from advertising to cultural issues. The public is welcome to attend the entire day or to stop in for any one of the themed sessions. Admission is free. All presentations will be held in the Health Studies Building, Room 141 (Ceremony Room).

The schedule is as follows:

9:00-10:00—Why We Buy It and Why We Toss It
• Barbara Farough: “Shilling with Exploitation: Advertising as Reflected in a Capitalist Patriarchy”
• Nicole Peel: “Greening of Greed: A Critical Analysis of the Current Green Movement”
• Tauvia Siemens: “Development of a Refuse Audit across the Brandon University Grounds”
• Jason Dooley: “Lethal Formalities: The Killing of Capt. Thomas Innes by Capt. Edward Clark”
• Morganna Malyon: “The Griffintown Horror”
10:45-11:45—Cultural Representations
• Jenn Maxwell: “Ambrogio Lorenzetti’s Allegory and Effects of Good Government: The Hypothetical Rhetoric of Iustitia, Pax, Concordia, and Securitas“
• Katie Solbeck: “Mortimer”
• Adam Schipper: “King Theese”
11:45-12:45—The Prairies
• Kelsey Howell: “A Habitat Structure Comparison of Successful vs. Failed Northern Shoveler (Anas clypeata) nests in Antelope Creek, Alberta”
• Joel Springer: “The Changing Landscape: The Commission on the Transportation of Grain by Rail, the Crow’s Nest Pass Rate’s, and the Fight Over the Future of Grain Transport in Western Canada”
• Jurgen Van der Sluijs: “Using an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle for the Development of High Resolution Digital Elevation Models for Localized Areas”
• Fabien Cayer: “Quid Est?: The Uncertainty of Perceptional Correctness”
• Benjamin Lockhart: “The Handling of Minimal Risk Research by Ethics Review Boards”
• Mike McFarlane: “The Fundamentalist Modernist Controversy at Brandon College, 1919-1923″
• Evan Stitt: “Magnacca as Mayor”
• Natalie Majcher: “‘Those (students) who are promiscuous need medical or psychiatric attention’: The 1971 contraceptive controversy at Brandon University”
2:30-3:15—But It Doesn’t Look Like Democracy
• Brad McClelland: “The State of Democracy in Contemporary Russia: Are Critics too Cynical?”
• Chris Hunt: “Putting the Regent Back into Vice Regent: How the Governor General Can Protect our Democracy”
3:15-4:00—At the Edge of Empire
• Jenn Maxwell: “The rebellion out west is getting a rather hot affair”: British-Canadian Nation Building amidst the Northwest Rebellion of 1885″
• Jeremy Roberts: “Adaptation and Imposition: The Settlement of a Pioneer Family in the Canadian Prairie West”
4:00-5:00—Medieval Worlds
• Natalie Majcher: “Penance, Clerical Education and the Fourth Lateran Council”
• Morganna Malyon: “Jews and Christians in the High Middle Ages: Accusations of Blood Libel”
• Chris Bentley: “The Production of Maleficia: Magic and Sorcery in the High Middle Ages”
5:00-5:45—Cross-Cultural Education
• Chris Bentley: “English as a Language for (Em)Power(ment): EAL Education, Multiculturalist Policy, and Critical Pedagogy in Socio-Historical Perspective, 1950 to the Present”
• Ryan Premack: “Culture in the Music Classroom”

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