Month: November 2010

BRANDON, MB — A documentary about an iconic Canadian blues band entitled Flip Flop and Fly: 40 Years of The Downchild Blues will be premiered on December 4 at 6:30 p.m. EST on TMN and Movie Central.

BRANDON, MB — Two new tomes have been added this fall to the Rural Development Institute’s publishing arm. Dr. Doug Ramsey was one of the editors of Geographical Perspectives on Sustainable Rural Change, while Dr. Kenneth Beesley edited The Rural-Urban Fringe in Canada: Conflict & Controversy.
“As publisher of these two publications, the Rural Development Institute helps to illustrate the important role of research in deepening our understanding of rural place and rural development.

BRANDON, MB — Federal government funding for Skills Link, an initiative focusing on youth, was announced today by MP Merv Tweed. With Brandon University President and Vice-Chancellor Dr. Deborah Poff along with Career and Employment Youth Services (CEYS) representative Richard Greer on hand, MP Tweed underlined the critical need to ensure that youth have access to further education and to potential employers.

BRANDON, MB — Some 65 million years ago, the Dromaeosaurus was a feathered carnivore, with razor-sharp teeth, sickle-like claws on its feet, and a tail that plumed several feet behind it. Today, a skeleton of this creature has made its home in the geology department of Brandon University.
“ Our latest recruit, yet to be named, will be a star attraction in the Faculty of Science for years to come,” said Dr. Austin Gulliver, the Dean of Science at BU.
This unique and rare gift from the Royal Tyrrell Museum in Alberta is linked to another gift, one from the Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of Manitoba (APEGM).

BRANDON, MB – Brandon University alumnus, Tim Friesen has been conducting research at the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) while working toward his PhD. He was a member of the international team that was able to trap antimatter atoms.
In the timeframe during which those atoms were captured, the scientists involved were able “to study their properties and see if they were very different than matter,” shared Makoto Fujiwara, the leader of the Canadian scientists, with

BRANDON, MB – After playing four games on the road, the Bobcats men’s and women’s volleyball teams are happy to be playing at home this weekend. Both Bobcats teams are hosting the University of Calgary Dinos in their 2010-2011 home-opener on Friday, November 19. The women hit the court at 6 p.m.

BRANDON, MB – The faculty members of the philosophy department at Brandon University will host an event to mark the annual UNESCO World Philosophy Day, on November 25.
“I think the reason UNESCO created this is because they were convinced that philosophy has a particularly useful capability of building dialogue and it trains people to resolve conflicts and overcome problems through dialogue by peaceful means rather than by resorting to hardened positions, stubbornness and ultimately, violence and unending dispute,” said Dr. Steven Robinson, the chair of the Philosophy department at Brandon University.
He added that this specific day impresses upon philosophers, philosophy students as well as the general populace the importance of skills and training that enable peaceful resolution to conflict.