Tag: Jazz Studies

The Brandon University (BU) School of Music is pleased to announce that Marika Galea has been appointed to a tenure-track position.
An award-winning multi-instrumentalist, composer and writer, Galea is also an outstanding educator, having joined the School of Music in 2021 as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Jazz and Contemporary Popular Music.

BRANDON – The past and present Brandon University’s (BU’s) jazz program will be centre stage at this year’s Brandon Jazz Festival.
With Brandon University celebrating its 50th year since receiving its charter, and the BU jazz program marking its 15th anniversary, School of Music professor Michael Cain and his band, Sola, will be among the featured performers at the Festival, which will take place from March 15 to 17. The Festival is marking its own milestone this year as well, having been founded 35 years ago.
“This is the first time since the Brandon Jazz Festival began in 1983 that BU faculty, students and alumni have been featured so prominently,” said Greg Gatien, Dean of Music at BU. “Along with providing an excellent opportunity for school-aged musicians to learn and perform, we’re fortunate to be able to see many top-flight jazz performers on stage right here in Brandon through this Festival.