Brandon University welcomes professor from Türkiye for scholarly visit

Two men stand in the courtyard of Brandon University. The one one the right wears a BU shirt.
Dr. Atilla Barutçu (left) from Zonguldak Bülent Ecevit University in Türkiye, joins Dr. Jonathan Allan, Canada Research Chair in Men and Masculinities in BU’s Faculty of Arts, for two weeks of collaborative work at Brandon University this summer.

Two of the world’s foremost scholars on studying masculinity are working together here in Brandon, as a visiting professor arrives from Türkiye for a two-week stay.

Through the Erasmus+ Mobility Agreement, Dr. Atilla Barutçu is visiting Brandon University to work with Dr. Jonathan A. Allan, Canada Research Chair in Men and Masculinities in BU’s Faculty of Arts.

“I am really glad to be on this beautiful campus and to meet the lovely and helpful members,” Dr. Barutçu said. “It is a great privilege to have the opportunity to benefit from Brandon University’s facilities. I believe that the work we do with Dr. Allan in his lab will have long-lasting effects, and this visit will contribute to the scientific knowledge production process as an example of collaborative studies across different geographies.”

Dr. Barutçu is a professor at Zonguldak Bülent Ecevit University in Türkiye, where he works on mining masculinities, men’s engagement in gender equality, fatherhood, and queer theory. Those areas of study are nicely complementary to Dr. Allan’s work, which has long focused on questions of men’s bodies, sexuality, and health, as well as theories of masculinity and gender.

The Erasmus+ Mobility Agreement is a European Union program that allows for scholars to engage with their peers globally by ensuring they can be in the same room, lab, or classroom.

“While technology can send data around the world instantly, there is simply nothing that replaces face-to-face collaboration and engagement,” Dr. Allan said. “I am pleased to welcome Dr. Barutçu to Brandon University to take advantage of the depth, intensity, and creativity that in-person knowledge work can bring.”

While at Brandon University, Dr. Barutçu will also meet with members of the Brandon University community.

“Research around gender has never been more relevant, and it’s thrilling to imagine the insight and connections that may develop from sharing knowledge between Turkish and Canadian perspectives,” said Dr. Bernadette Ardelli, BU’s Vice-President of Research and Graduate Studies. “Dr. Allan is one of the BU faculty who are doing critical work that has global implications, and it is wonderful to welcome one of his fellow scholars here to Brandon.”


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