Secure bike parking upgraded for BU community

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Why not try biking to BU?

Bikes are a fast, convenient and healthy option for commuting and Brandon University encourages cycling as much as possible. The BU campus is conveniently located in a central part of the city and is along the Share the Road route.

BU’s secure bike compound is located near the centre of campus.

There are ample bike racks at most building entrances to lock up your bicycle, and Brandon University has recently completed upgrades to our bike parking compound that make it even more secure.

The compound is located at the southeast corner of Parking Lot 1, where McMaster Hall meets the Knowles Douglas Centre just behind the white Geology building. It is a central location that is convenient to the Courtyard.

The upgrades include new, eight-foot-tall anti-climb/anti-cut fencing to prevent unapproved access to the space. It is also monitored by high-resolution camera and secured by magnetic locks. Inside, cyclists can lock up to custom-built steel racks that can accommodate several dozen bikes.

You are always encouraged to have a sturdy lock and to consider removing or locking any components fitted with quick-release connections.

Any BU key fob or student card can be used to access BU’s secure bike compound; however you will have to activate your account through Ancillary Services first at

Access the Secure Bike Compound

In case of theft, pre-registering your bike with Project 529 (in partnership with the Brandon Police Service) at can help police identify it and quickly return it to you when recovered. You can also consider having it added to your home insurance.


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