90% employment signals another great year for Brandon University’s Co-operative Education program

This article is over 2 years old.

Brandon University’s thriving Co-operative Education program is having another great summer of employment, with 90 per cent of its students working in jobs that are related to their field of study — a stunning success rate with an economy that continues to contend with the pandemic.

“Our outstanding employment success rate, for the second year in a row, is thanks to the exceptional employers of the Brandon and Westman area that have created jobs for our students,” said Cora Dupuis, Co-operative Education Coordinator. “We have over a dozen first-time Co-op employers who welcomed BU students into their organization. We’re so grateful that they have become partners in providing this amazing learning experience to our students.”

One of those first-time Co-op employers is Andrea Epp, Founding Lawyer with Epp Law Office, who hired third-year Psychology student Maria Garcia Manzano to join her practice.

“Maria became a seamless part of our team right from the start with her energy, commitment, and drive,” Epp said. “Thanks to the BU Co-op program, we got the new talent we were looking for, and we were supported every step of the way.”

Students in the BU Co-op program bring enthusiasm, insight, and the latest learning to their employment partners, and can hit the ground running at their worksite. Through their placement, they develop essential work-related skills and a network to help jumpstart their careers, and they bring back a broadened perspective to the classroom for future studies.

“BU Co-op is a wonderful way for students to add meaningful work experience to their degree program, and a chance for employers to get a sneak peek at the talent they’ll be seeking to hire after graduation,” said Dr. Steve Robinson, BU’s Vice-President (Academic & Provost). “Our students are contributing to small businesses, international corporations, federal research centres, provincial public service, non-profits, and everything in between. It is truly amazing the diversity of employers, jobs, and experiences that are happening because of BU Co-op this summer.”

Co-operative Education was launched at BU in 2019, and although the program is still in its early stages, it is growing rapidly. Over the past three years, the number of Co-op students at BU has nearly tripled.

That growth rate is set to continue, or even accelerate. Earlier this year, BU Co-op announced a partnership with RBC Future Launch that will provide space for 450 students to join the Co-op program.

“There will be many more first-time students and that means tremendous opportunity for business partners in the Westman area and beyond to come on board as first-time co-op employers,” Dupuis said. “It is such an exciting time for BU Co-op, and that means exciting times ahead for our community.”

For more information about becoming a part of the BU Co-op program, contact Cora at 204-571-7848 or DupuisC@BrandonU.ca or visit BrandonU.ca/Co-op.


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