Masks will now be mandatory indoors at Brandon University

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Effective immediately, Brandon University will require everyone to wear a face mask whenever indoors on campus, if you could be in the company of other people. For example, if you are alone in your office you may not need a mask. But at all other times, a mask should be worn. This includes shared working spaces, hallways, and common areas.

With the recent increase in Covid-19 cases here in Brandon, we remain committed to the safety of our community. Wearing masks helps reduce viral transmission and keep each other safe. The decision to mandate masks was made by the President’s Administrative Council, which is coordinating our operational response to the pandemic. Appropriate masks are now widely available and affordable, and you are encouraged to wear the mask that is best for you. However, we have also ordered sufficient cloth, reusable masks to supply all faculty and staff with one, as well as all students required to be on campus the rest of this summer and this fall.

Masks are currently being distributed through deans and area heads who ordered them earlier this summer. If you do not receive a mask through your dean or supervisor, or through your instructor, they can order additional masks through the Purchasing Officer, Jan Chaboyer.

Wearing a mask and staying safe:

  • You must wear a mask at all times while indoors at BU, except when you are alone in an enclosed, private space, ie. your office. Masks can also be removed temporarily only while seated for dining in the Down Under.
  • Wearing a mask is shown to dramatically reduce viral transmission. Your mask should be properly fitted over your nose and mouth.
  • Faculty or staff with a medical reason that prevents them from wearing a mask should contact Acting Chief Human Resources Officer, Kristen Fisher at or 204-727-7416.
  • You should continue physically distancing at a minimum of 2 metres when possible, washing your hands regularly, and sanitizing commonly touched surfaces.

Working on campus:

  • For now, our Covid work arrangements currently continue to encourage you to work from home whenever possible.
  • Additional in-person support may be required for operations on campus during the Fall Term. Your supervisor will work with you directly to confirm these needs.
  • We will provide significant notice before general work arrangements change.
  • The campus remains open to faculty and staff who require campus facilities or services. Your key fob will grant you access.




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