Tell us how BU developed your #WILpower

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Brandon University is joining a national campaign to celebrate the positive effects of combining work experience with learning.

The national campaign will run throughout the month of March led by Co-operative Education and Work-Integrated Learning Canada, or CEWIL, the lead organization for work-integrated learning in Canada.

Nationally, and locally through BU, the campaign will share stories, events, best practices, tools and more to celebrate the successes and opportunities of work-integrated learning (WIL).

“We know there are many fantastic student, faculty and business partnership stories right here in Brandon and Westman,” said Cora Dupuis, the coordinator of BU’s expanding Co-operative Education program. “There’s a lot to be proud of — and we want to hear your story!”

Along with Co-op, work-integrated learning at BU includes Applied Research, Co-operative Education, Entrepreneurship, Field Placement, Mandatory Professional Practicum, Clinical Placement, and Service-Learning. We are looking to share stories that touch on all of those areas:

  • Are you a student who has experienced great things because of a WIL opportunity?
  • Are you a staff person whose career got started thanks to WIL?
  • Are you a faculty member who provides WIL opportunities to students? Do you champion the value of WIL?
  • Are you an alumnus whose life changed trajectories thanks to WIL?

Share your story with us by posting on social media. Whether you use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn, all month long we will be highlighting BU stories from students, staff, faculty and alumni.

Be sure to tag Brandon University or @BrandonUni, and we’ll be watching for hashtags like #Wilpower, #builtinBrandon and #IamBU so we can share your success and you can help inspire others.

So, what is your #WILpower story? What advice do you have for others thinking of #WILpower?

Let’s help share the stories that make BU such a great example of the power of work-integrated learning.

About Co-op and Experiential Education at BU

Launched in 2018, Co-op is one of the newer ways for BU students, especially those in the Faculty of Arts and Faculty of Science to combine work experience with education. Recently, BU vastly expanded the program and was first in the province to offer Co-op opportunities for all students in the Faculty of Science.

“Students in Education, Health Studies and Music have long benefitted from formal practicums, like clinical placement, student teaching, and performance opportunities,” said Cora Dupuis, the coordinator of BU’s Co-operative Education program. “It’s a real advantage for our graduates to be able to hit the ground running, and we’re so thrilled by the industry enthusiasm that has been welcoming and supportive of Arts and Science students now, too.”

Although field experience and laboratory work have long been an experiential part of many Arts and Science degrees, involving industry partners adds a new dimension to learning.

“This is win-win-win-win-win — and probably a few more wins,” Dupuis said. “Students apply their knowledge right away, cementing the value of their lessons, while employers welcome the energy and the new insights that students bring to the workplace. Not to mention students start earning a great paycheque in their field that can be partly subsidized by government grants! Over the longer term, we are also building connections between BU and partners that can lead to community research and joint projects.” 



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