Brandon University will trim 18th Street hedge

This article is over 5 years old.

Brandon University will give its 18th Street hedge a ‘haircut’ this spring, allowing for new green growth that will make the campus feature healthier, more attractive, and easier to prune in the future.

Sometime in the next couple of weeks, the hedge will be trimmed back to between six and eight inches in height, clearing out overgrown thickets, allowing for debris and thatch to be removed from underneath, and permitting fresh regrowth over the spring and summer. The hedge will regrow to a height of approximately three feet and will be tapered back from the bottom.

The hedge, which borders 18th Street in front of Clark Hall, was identified in the 2017 Campus Master Plan as a possible impediment to campus-community engagement, and the plan proposed its full removal. By trimming the hedge, Brandon University will be able to investigate the impact that removing other physical barriers such as fences will have, while also permitting more flexibility in the future.

The regrown hedge will be fresher, greener and healthier, as well as easier for Brandon University to maintain in the future. A properly trimmed hedge also opens up new possibilities, including lowering the hedge height in some areas for better sightlines and improved pedestrian visibility, or for ornamental topiary.

This move was recommended by landscape contractors engaged by BU.


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