‘Great Chemistry’ reaction excites students, community

This article is over 5 years old.

With September having drawn to a close, Western Manitoba’s two post-secondary institutions are thrilled with the reaction to this year’s “Great Chemistry” campaign to welcome students for the fall term.

This year’s campaign focused on the benefits of the partnership between ACC and BU, as well as the benefits that students bring to the community.

Businesses, community organizations, staff, faculty, and many more enthusiastically embraced the campaign again this year. Building on the success of last year’s inaugural initiative, Assiniboine Community College and Brandon University (BU) used boulevard signs, banners, social media and advertising to showcase and celebrate the importance of students to the community.

The theme of “Great Chemistry” helped highlight not only the ongoing, fruitful partnership between the two institutions, but also the wonderful benefits that they and their students bring to Brandon, to Dauphin and to all of Westman.

“A growing number of students choose the cities of Brandon and Dauphin for their post-secondary educations, and we continue to expand and update local opportunities for Westman students, as well as developing quality programs to attract students nationally and internationally,” said BU Interim President Steve Robinson. “The number of businesses, organizations and people in both communities who chose to put up ‘Great Chemistry’ signs is a heartwarming indication of the bond between Westman and our students.”

“Along with conducting their studies here, our students also live, work and play in Westman, and they bring enormous benefits to our communities economically, socially and culturally,” said Assiniboine President Mark Frison. “Students truly enrich the fabric of our communities, and we are thrilled to see our communities embracing our students through this ‘Great Chemistry’ campaign and through other events periodically through the year.”

Along with staff and faculty who put up the distinctive “Great Chemistry” signs at their own homes, Brandon and Dauphin’s business community enthusiastically embraced the opportunity to show off their own welcome for post-secondary students.

“Many of our members are Brandon University or Assiniboine Community College alumni, and in fact, some have credentials from both institutions. Almost all employ post-secondary students, and of course students make up a significant portion of almost any business’ customers or clientele,” said Tami-Rae Rourke, President of the Brandon Chamber of Commerce. “Our members also take advantage of the many ongoing research and cooperative programs at both institutions. And of course, it’s simply a lot of fun to get swept back up in the back-to-school season.”

“Businesses and offices were very open to putting up big, bright signs that welcome students, and that was really nice to see,” said Daven Pascal, a fourth-year BU business student and Bobcat volleyball star who worked over the summer on the campaign. “As a student, it’s nice to see the visual reminder all over the city just how much we mean to people, and I’m really grateful to all the places that put them up. Next year, we will hit up even more locations!”

Now that this year’s campaign has wound up, all supporters are encouraged to take down and stow their signs for next year. Assiniboine of BU volunteers will also come collect any signs to be stored on campus. Email communications@assiniboine.net or Communications@BrandonU.ca to make arrangements.

Joint initiatives like this year’s “Great Chemistry” campaign continue to demonstrate the deepening tradition of collaboration between Assiniboine and BU. In 2014 the institutions, along with the Province of Manitoba, signed Growing Together – Vision 20/20, a memorandum of understanding aimed at fostering collaboration between the two institutions to meet student, community and social needs.

With ongoing partnerships that include students sharing residence space and transferring credit through 2+2 programs, the institutions continue to make Brandon, Dauphin, and all of Westman a place where students can find the options, flexibility and amenities that they are looking for when pursuing their post-secondary education.

Assiniboine Community College has been providing exceptional learning experiences for more than 55 years. For staff and students alike, Assiniboine offers unparalleled learning environments, following the philosophy of ‘learn by doing’, which combines theory with hands-on learning inside classrooms, labs, kitchens, shops, fields and the college’s Sustainable Greenhouse.

Brandon University, founded in 1899, promotes excellence in teaching, research, and scholarship, and educates students so that they can make a meaningful difference as engaged citizens and leaders.


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