Brandon University launches ‘Let’s Talk Science’ outreach team

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BRANDON – Science-loving students at Brandon University (BU) will soon be sparking new learning in schools around the region.

Let’s Talk Science is a national charitable organization that offers science, technology, engineering and math programming at no charge to kids from preschool through Grade 12. At BU, the Let’s Talk Science outreach team is made up of both undergraduate and graduate student volunteers who are trained to engage youth in interactive learning experiences that are fun, creative, and exciting.

“This program is both hands-on and minds-on,” said Xisra Winder, BU’s Let’s Talk Science Coordinator. “There is a wide variety of activities that we can offer, from group or individual experiments to contests and competitions that not only challenge what you know, but challenge you to apply it in a winning way.”

She said school classrooms, clubs and youth groups could all take advantage of the program.

Let's Talk Science logo with let's talk in green and science in blue. The dot of the 'i' is shown in a magnifying glass.“We’re open to any organized group of kids that’s Grade 12 or younger,” Winder said. “These unique learning programs are designed to be taken where the kids are — that means small or large groups, in small or large communities. We’re looking forward to putting on workshops around Westman all year long.”

Along with providing stimulating activities for youth, the Let’s Talk Science outreach program also engages current post-secondary students at BU who are trained to conduct the program.

“One of the best aspects of this program is that it is truly a win-win for both sides of the equation,” said BU Dean of Science Dr. Austin Gulliver. “We are bringing outstanding and engaging learning opportunities to classrooms and clubs around Westman, and we are also engaging eager Brandon University students as role models to lead the program.”

Brandon University’s compact size and exceptional student-to-teacher make it possible for BU to offer in-demand programs like these to a large number of post-secondary students.

“Hands-on activities that demonstrate the real-world applications of science, technology, engineering and math are fun, of course, especially with the added thrill of being able to astonish the group that you’re leading,” Dr. Gulliver said. “Today’s university students also know that their own hands-on experience makes a real difference in their education.

“Through research opportunities, cooperative programs, and our participation in organizations like Let’s Talk Science, Brandon University is delivering those valuable experiences to our students.”

Let’s Talk Science outreach material is designed to align with school curricula at different grade levels, and runs the gamut from astronomy to zoology.

Teachers, club leaders, and youth activity organizers who are interested in hosting a Let’s Talk Science event with Brandon University should contact Xisra Winder at or go online to to learn more.


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