BU Prof Publishes Pre-War Perspective

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BRANDON, MB – A Brandon University (BU) history professor has put together a new book about a pre-war invasion in Africa with strong parallels to the colonization of First Nations people in Canada.

Collision of Empires (web)Collision of Empires: Italy’s Invasion of Ethiopia and its International Impact, recounts the last great European colonial conquest in Africa in 1935.

“This book speaks to an important, often ignored subject,” says Dr. Bruce Strang, author and Dean of Arts at BU, “the genocide inflicted on one country by another determined to make a domestic population subservient. The Ethiopian story is compelling on its own, offering real perspective on not only the Canadian Aboriginal experience, but collective security and how a conflict in a small state can destabilize the international system.”

Dr. Bruce Strang, BU Dean of Arts (web)Dr. Strang says Collision of Empires contains the first systemic new research on Ethiopia in 30 years, bringing together an international cast of 11 scholars accessing dozens of archives to write 13 chapters examining a pivotal point in international relations leading into World War ll. “No one scholar could have produced this work,” he says.

“This book represents an important contribution to literature,” says BU’s Vice-President of Academics and Provost, Dr. Gervan Fearon. “The Ethiopian-Italian conflict was punctuated by Emperor Haile Selassie appealing to the League of Nations in 1936 for assistance. Bob Marley’s 1976 song War highlights this conflict as fundamental to our understanding of historical and contemporary political and cultural issues.”

Collision of Empires is the third book that Dr. Strang has written or consulted on, and is available through Ashgate Publishing and Amazon.ca.

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