Nanotechnology, Next Focus in Series

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posted March 1, 2012

BRANDON, MB — Have you ever wondered what nanotechnology means? This Friday, you can find out during the next Science Seminar Series presentation at Brandon University. Dr. Rajesh Sunasee, a new faculty member and an assistant professor in the Department of Chemistry, will explain how this cutting-edge field can impact our lives in a beneficial way.

“The general public will get an idea about how drugs (medicines) are being delivered in the body for targeting specific diseases,” he said.

His seminar, entitled “Engineering nanoparticles for targeted protein, drug and gene delivery” will explain how a synthesized drug is delivered to the targeted infected site.

“Targeted drug delivery has become an integral part in the process of drug development as it can significantly increase the therapeutic efficacy of drugs,” he continued. “This seminar will discuss the use of the emerging polymeric micelles (so-called nanogels) for the encapsulation of proteins, drugs and genes as well as their controlled release.”

Also, the synthesis and characterization of these drug delivery carriers will be examined. Normally, the ideal choices for an efficient drug delivery vehicle are that it should be biodegradable, non-toxic, able to overcome the physiological barriers in the body, and able to withstand the immune system long enough to perform its job.

The public is welcome to this free one-hour seminar, which will be held March 2, at 3 p.m., in room 447, in the Brodie Building, on the BU campus.

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