Kirkcaldy School Relocated to Brandon University

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Posted on Tuesday, May 10, 2011

BRANDON, MB — Due to the Assiniboine River flooding, Kirkcaldy School is being relocated to Brandon University on Wednesday, May 11th, as a precautionary measure. This will involve approximately 400 students and over 20 staff.
The younger grades will be housed in the Faculty of Education building. The children will arrive by school bus around 9:00 a.m. The buses will unload and load in front of Clark Hall. The normal end of the school day is about 3:30. In addition, the kindergarten classes only operate for half days which will necessitate a further pickup and drop off over the noon period. Parent visitors will be advised to use the area west of the Education Building.
Grades 3 to 8 will be housed in the Brodie Building in the first and second floors. Buses will load and unload on the north side of Louise Avenue. Parking will be blocked off on that side of Louise to allow space for the buses and for parent visitors. The school administration will likely also be in the Brodie Building, on the first floor, across from the Math and Computer Science area.
Teachers with classrooms in Brodie will be parking in Lot 10 across from Brodie. Teachers with classrooms in Education will be parking in Lot 7.
For the most part, the children will remain in their classrooms, including for recess and lunch times. However, there will be some movement of students to the Gymnasium for Phys Ed classes and to the Education Building for Music classes. The teachers of the younger grades may also make use of the grass area outside of Clark Hall to allow some outdoor activities.
Kirkcaldy School is communicating with the students and parents of the school. There will be a link from the BU website to the Kirkcaldy web site that will contain communications from the school. There will also be a link on the BU website for BU students and staff to keep you informed. A third link will be available for emergency services for the City of Brandon.
The information available and being provided to you today is somewhat tentative, as details are being worked out. At the present time, the expectation is that Kirkcaldy School will be at BU until at least May 20th, when it is hoped the crest of the river and worst of the risk will have passed. However, in the event the school is flooded, the children and teachers will be with us until the end of June.
As more information becomes available and further details are worked out, we will continue to keep you informed. If you have general questions or suggestions, please contact Susan Smale (723) or Scott Lamont (707). Questions relating to activities in the Brodie Building should be directed to Austin Gulliver (625). Questions relating to activities in the Education Building should be directed to Cam Symons (656).
Thank you for your patience. Please help us make the school feel welcome.

Issued by: Scott Lamont, Vice-President Administration and Finance.


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