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BRANDON, MB – A new initiative at Brandon University will help first-year students explore one of four academic themes designed to unite them with others that share in their interests.

  Arts One provides students with a peer group interested in similar issues and links them with engaging, talented faculty who are committed to their success.

  “We’re excited about Arts One. Transition from high school to university can seem a daunting prospect. I urge interested students to explore the Arts One website or to contact the Arts office with questions,” says Dr. Bruce Strang, Dean of the Faculty of Arts.

  The program is broken up into four different cohorts from which to choose from:

  • The History of Ideas
  • The Canadian Experience
  • The Human Narrative
  • Identity Matters

  The cohorts are a unique cluster of courses which deal with similar themes and issues. Students register for a cohort through the BU Registration Guide the same way as registering for an individual course. By selecting a cohort though, students will get into an entire pre-set package of scheduled courses.

  Each cohort will contain 25 students that are together for each course identified as part of the cluster. Students will then choose individual courses to fill out the rest of their schedule.

  Arts One is also being offered with the possibility of living in residence with other members of the cohort. The registration deadlines for both are as follows:

  • Residence           July 3, 2010
  • Arts One              April 13, 2010

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