Month: July 2009

BRANDON, MB – For the second year in a row, a record number of Brandon University graduates have been offered admission into professional and clinical biomedical post-graduate schools for fall 2009. With eight students admitted to the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Manitoba, three admitted to out-of-province medical schools, and seven more admitted to programs in optometry, pharmacy, dentistry, veterinary medicine and ultrasound, these students are proving more than ever before that biomedical/pre-med studies at BU lead to success in gaining post-grad acceptance to the program of a student’s choice.

BRANDON, MB – Coach Jaime Hickson is pleased to announce that Rosemary Mills has declared Brandon University as her institution and basketball program of choice. The twenty-year old, 5’10” shooting guard from Winnipeg will be joining the Lady ‘Cats Basketball roster this fall and entering the Bachelor of Arts Honors Degree program in Psychology at BU.
Mills competed with the University of Winnipeg Wesmen for the 2007-2008 season and withdrew herself from the program the following spring.