Brandon University hosts inaugural business conference: “Reimagining Entrepreneurship”

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Brandon University will host a local business conference, titled “Reimagining Entrepreneurship,” this Friday, November 24, 2023, at the university’s campus. As Canada”s Finest Regional University, Brandon University is thrilled to bring together local business leaders, entrepreneurs, and scholars to explore innovative solutions and celebrate the resilience of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in the face of unprecedented challenges.

The sold-out conference aims in part to help address the global challenges faced by SMEs and entrepreneurs, particularly in the aftermath of Covid restrictions and supply chain disruptions. According to the United Nation’s International Labor Organization, the pandemic led to a global decline in working hours, equivalent to approximately 225 million full-time jobs.

“In times of adversity, entrepreneurship becomes a beacon of hope,” says Dr. Ravi Dwivedula, co-chair of the BU Department of Business Administration, which is convening the conference, pointing out that small and medium enterprises make up about 98% of Canadian business. “This conference is a platform to not only discuss challenges but also to showcase the remarkable resilience and creativity of local entrepreneurs who have turned challenges into opportunities.”

The event will kick off with a morning keynote from Ash Mohda, President and CEO of Mondetta Clothing Group, followed by a lightning session of local businesses, including Sid Stevenson of Section 6 Brewing Company, Bernie Whetter of The Green Spot, James Chambers of Chez Angela, Ashleigh Hamm of Create Marketing and Kim Vandaele of Century 21.

The day will also feature a panel discussion that brings together Brandon’s mayor Jeff Fawcett, CPHR’s Jeff Gautier, Bryce Scott from Sunrise Credit Union, Patsy Hewitt from MNP, and Enver Naidoo from Westman Immigrant Services.

Reflecting on the local emphasis of the event, Prof. Lindsay Mclachlan, co-chair of the BU Department of Business Administration, said it was important to keep a regional focus.

“Manitoba and Westman are home to thriving communities, including Brandon, with deep agricultural roots and diverse businesses, but we are not without our challenges,” she said. “Our conference will highlight the success stories of local entrepreneurs who have navigated challenges unique to our region, contributing to the economic development of the province and of the Wheat City.”

The conference will also feature several presentations from business scholars, examining topics like gamification, business continuity, identifying business models, and entrepreneurial competence.

Entrepreneurship is a driver for economic development and employment creation. Aside from creating new jobs, entrepreneurial firms drive new industries that promote regional economic development. Success stories about local entrepreneurs who promote indigenous tourism, rural culinary experiences from the heartlands, and creating sustainable fashion lines demonstrate how opportunities were leveraged by entrepreneurs in the wake of insurmountable global challenges.

As Canada’s Finest Regional University, Brandon University takes pride in hosting this conference, showcasing the innovative spirit of the local business community. The event will not only address global challenges but also serve as a celebration of the entrepreneurial success stories that have emerged from Brandon, Westman, and the province.

The conference, which was sponsored by MNP, received double its expected registration, and is sold out.

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