Month: August 2023


Futuristic technology could upend agriculture and global food security sooner than we realize, while crises like Covid-19 and the Russian invasion of Ukraine hint at a world of ongoing global supply chain challenges that places like Westman must constantly adapt to.

“A core group of farmers will be called on to grow the vast majority of the world’s staple food supply, and while mighty in their ability they need support from the general public,” says agriculturalist Robert Saik, a renowned thinker and futurist with deep roots in Westman. He will be bringing his guidance and insights to that general public at Brandon University on Saturday, Sept.


Brandon University religion professor Dr. Alison Marshall will be a member of the Winnipeg mayor’s newly-announced Multi Faith and Culture Liaison Circle.

Dr. Marshall teaches and researches Asian religion, migration and history at BU, helped create a Labyrinth of Peace at the Brandon Riverbank Discovery Centre to celebrate the varied cultures and religions in Brandon, and received the provincial William Norrie Arts and Culture Award in 2021 in recognition of her longstanding volunteer & academic work with the Chinese, Muslim, Filipino and Jewish communities.