In-person classes will phase in through Reading Week

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Brandon University will continue our cautious approach to the Winter Term. Classes will begin transitioning back to in-person learning, a phase-in process that will last through February as we strike a careful balance of learning needs and the health and safety of our community during the Omicron surge.

Winter Term updates

  • Some classes, where the need for in-person instruction is highest, will transition back to in-person. This phase-in process will differ from class to class.
  • Other classes will continue to be held online until after the Winter Study Break, or Reading Week (Feb. 22–25). Those classes will resume in-person instruction as of Monday, Feb. 28.
  • There is no change to administrative deadlines, like add/drop and voluntary withdrawal.

In each faculty, Deans will determine which classes and other instruction will transition back and on what schedule, after discussion and consultation with faculty.

Students will hear from their professors directly with the date and specifics of their classes’ transitions.

Returning to in-person learning after the break means that approximately half of a class’s instructional hours will be offered in person, with an even greater percentage for those classes returning earlier.


Brandon University delayed the start of Winter Term, and moved most classes online through January, with the hope that the Omicron variant would have peaked by the end of the month. Unfortunately, the variant’s surge has not yet declined to point where we can fully resume in-person learning immediately.

In general, classes of more than 25 people, which had always been scheduled for online learning for the entire term, will continue to be held online.

Ongoing supports

Full vaccination and mandatory masking, coupled with increased ventilation, physical distancing, and other enhancements, have made the BU campus as safe as possible, greatly reducing the risk of viral transmission. All services are being provided in-person on campus, and several classes have already resumed in-person instruction.

Safety is a responsibility we all share. Please, stay up to date with your vaccination — including boosters as soon as you are eligible — and always wear the best mask you have access to.

All employees must be prepared to work on campus as needed, and students should expect to be on campus through the Winter Term. However, we know that rising case counts and the high infectiousness of the Omicron variant may make it more likely that you are required to self-isolate. You may also need to stay home to care for children or because of other Covid-related circumstances you face. Please discuss your needs with your professor, or your Dean, director, or immediate supervisor. Everyone is encouraged to be as accommodating as possible.

Brandon University continues to offer support for those affected by the pandemic, including social isolation, anxiety, increased responsibilities like caregiving, and other family impacts. Supports are available for students from Student Services, including counselling and laptop loans. Counselling and similar supports for employees are among the suite of benefits offered by Homewood Health. You can also reach out directly to your instructor, manager or supervisor, who are encouraged to be flexible and solutions-focused when approached with specific needs.


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