Month: May 2021

Brandon University, City of Brandon, and Brandon Downtown Development Corporation Joint Public Service Announcement

SCHEDULE “A”: SITE MAP The Site is located to the north of Princess Avenue between 9th Street and 10th Street
The City of Brandon and the Brandon Downtown Development Corporation will initiate a new procurement process later this year with an updated plan for a major parcel of land in downtown Brandon.
The City of Brandon and Brandon Downtown Development Corporation (BDDC) started a process approximately a decade ago to assemble land at the corner of 10th Street and Princess Avenue with the goal of establishing a major mixed-use development in the heart of the downtown that brings people downtown to live, work and enjoy leisure time.

Brandon University students studying Buddhism have found a wide audience for some of their assignments this year — they’re being shared as blog posts on the website of the Canadian Journal of Buddhist Studies.
The assignments require students to choose a Buddhist doctrine, express it with a piece of art, and then write a critical reflection paper that elaborates on their artistic process and how their composition expresses their chosen doctrine, explains Dr. Alison Marshall, a religion professor at BU who is teaching the students in a second-year online asynchronous Buddhism course.