Brandon University Research Committee supports BU projects with $118,000

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BRANDON – The Brandon University Research Committee (BURC) has awarded nearly $118,000 in grants to 23 faculty research projects.

The awards include 13 New Faculty Research Grants. With a maximum value of $7,500 each, these grants help fund the work of faculty members who have begun their employment at Brandon University (BU) within the last three years.

“A strong track record of research is one of the qualities that we look for when recruiting new faculty,” said Dr. Heather Duncan, BU’s Associate Vice-President (Research). “The funding that we can provide through BURC encourages our new faculty members to continue their pursuit of innovation and discovery.

“The experience they gain through BURC-funded projects helps build a foundation for even greater research success in the future.”

The remaining 10 awards are Research Grants, with a maximum value of $4,000.

“The scope and diversity of the research being done by our faculty are quite impressive,” said Dr. Meir Serfaty, Acting Vice-President (Academic & Provost) at BU. “We are proud of the recognition and support they are receiving for their work, nationally and beyond. Their research provides answers to important questions faced in our communities, and complements their role as educators as they inspire curiosity and exploration in our students.

Funding for BURC grants is provided by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC) as well as a variety of internal funds.

Many research projects that are supported by BURC grants are highlighted in Research Connection, a periodical publication produced by the BU Office of Research Services and the Faculty of Education’s Centre for Aboriginal and Rural Education Studies. Launched in November 2016, Research Connection will publish its 50th issue in March. To learn more about Research Connection and research projects at BU, visit

BURC Awards 2017-18

(Principal Investigator; Project; Amount)

New Faculty Research Grant
  • Alex Koiter; The Influence of Agriculture and the Manitoba Escarpment on Sediment Dynamics; $7,310.19
  • Alysha Farrell; A Dramatic Inquiry into Expressions of Curated Intimacies on Social Media; $7,407.00
  • Breanna Lawrence; Understanding the Interrelation of Learning Disabilities and Youth Mental Health in Relational Contexts:  Exploring Family Influences and Eliciting Parent Voices; $6,600.00
  • Cameron Boult; Intellectually Responsible Democracy; $7,073.98
  • Candy Skyhar; Developing Teacher Identity in Tomorrow’s Teachers; $4,407.86
  • Chris Pugh; Spatial Photon Correlations for Satellite Targeting; $7,500.00
  • Eftihia Mihelakis; Convergences. Les Séminaires d’Hélène Cixous au Québec [1973‐1985] (Convergences. Helene Cixous’ Seminars in Quebec [1973‐1985]); $7,500.00
  • Joel Krentz; The Effects of Conventional Versus Eccentrically Emphasized Resistance Training on Muscle Thickness, Strength and Functional Performance in Older Adults: A Randomized Controlled Study; $7,487.23
  • Matthew Steckler; Prairie Machinations: A New Musical Work of Embodied Composition for Improvisers; $5,150.00
  • Patricia Douglas; Disability Studies, Inclusion and Education: A Program Review; $6,725.60
  • Scott Forbes; The Effect of Creatine Timing on Resistance Training Adaptations.  A Within Subject Design; $7,500.00
  • Shahla Nasserasr; Inverse Eigenvalue Problem, Totally Positive Matrices; $7,500.00
  • Tim Skuce; An Inquiry into the Lived Experiences of the NHL’s Ambassadors’ Participation in Community Outreach Events and their Day‐to‐Day Interactions with their Teammates as they Strive to Cultivate a More Inclusive Environment for People in Sports; $4,000.00
Research Grant
  • Bruce Strang; Seeking Victory:  Mussolini, Italian Foreign Policy and the Anglo‐Italian Easter Accords, 1937‐8; $4,000.00
  • David Greenwood; Insect Leaf Feeding During a Past Climate Warming in the McAbee Fossil Site; $2,354.67
  • Emma Varley; Medicine as a Great Game:  British Colonial Hospitals and their Postcolonial After‐ Effects in Northern Pakistan; $3,972.65
  • James Naylor; Winnipeg’s Folklorama: Multiculturalism and the Remaking of Ethnicity; $2,354.67
  • Jonathan Allan; Medical Advice in Men’s Magazines; $2,354.67
  • Mary Malainey; Establishing the Chronology of the Good Site (DjMb‐16); $4,000.00
  • Nancy Newall; Social Isolation of Older Adults and Emergency Medical Services; $2,354.67
  • Sarah Plosker; Quantum Random Walks; $2,354.67
  • Tyler Foster; Picture This: Computing our Way to an Image of our Home Galaxy, The Milky Way; $4,000.00
  • Vince Chen; Development and Testing of Preclinical Therapeutic Agents to Inhibit Glioma; $4,000.00


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