RDI attends 2015 Canadian Agri-food Forum in Ottawa

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Manitoba food strategy

While many gathered in Ottawa to hear the appointments of new Federal ministers, others were discussing becoming a trusted food supplier to the world. Mike Evans, President of Alibaba, was pitching his E-commerce solution with 380 clients buying $500 billion a year. He announced that Canada needs provincial food selling strategies. With Buy-Manitoba in place, the next step is for food producers to join the 10 million SMEs already with Alibaba and establish distribution connections. If fresh cherries from the USA northwest can be picked and eaten in China within 72 hours, Manitoba producers can quickly become exporters to the world’s growing markets. RDI is interested in innovations and this marketing one seems to hold great potential for exports.

Innovation key to feeding the world

Dan Mazier, 2015 Canadian Agri-food Forum
Dan Mazier, 2015 Canadian Agri-food Forum
Can we feed the world? What we have produced in the last 8000 years, we must produce that same amount – plus more – over next 20-30 years. Innovation is needed to increase production with same amount of land – science and policy are central to increased producation. Dan Mazier, with KAP, asked can science move fast enough to feed the world? RDI is attending the forum on Canadian Agri-food future in Ottawa where the role of the industry is being discussed regarding a trusted food producer.

Food and rural prosperity highlighted at Canada’s Agri-food Forum

David McInnes, 2015 Canadian Agri-food Forum
David McInnes, 2015 Canadian Agri-food Forum
At the forum on Canada’s Agri-food Future, David McInnes, Executive Director of CAPI, spoke that food united rural and urban Canadians. Food is a gateway topic to safe food, addressing environmental concerns, and adding to our prosperity. This forum is about new ways of thinking and conversations. Trust is essential to be competitive globally. Ireland’s ‘Initiative Green’ was mentioned as an example, despite EU subsidizes. Our end game is people trust our food. RDI offered the Ireland example in our forum submission.


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