Month: September 2012

Brandon, MB — This past Sunday afternoon, more than 150 students from Brandon University (BU) and Minot State University (MSU) participated in the 2nd annual dodgeball tournament aptly named “Battle on the Border”. Following five series of round robin play, MSU managed to retain their dodgeball championship title, first given out in September, 2011.

On August 30, 2012, Brandon University hosted its 4th Annual Teaching Enhancement Seminar.  This year’s event featured a keynote address by Dr. Jay Wilson, a faculty member in the Department of Curriculum Studies and Graduate Chair of the Educational Technology and Design program at the University of Saskatchewan.

Make Poverty History Manitoba (MPHM) is urging the Province of Manitoba to increase the Rental Allowance received by Manitobans who rely on Employment and Income Assistance (EIA).

EIA recipients are provided with a rental allowance that has increased marginally since 1992 when compared to market rents which have gone up by approximately 60-70% during the same period.

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