2010 Hottest Green Jobs

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Do you know what an Environmental Epidemiologist does? Check out our Top 5 Green Jobs lists to learn about environmental careers you may be interested in and a few more that you may not have even known about.

Read on to learn more about what green jobs have to offer.

5 Hottest Green Jobs

The careers listed below are projected to be fast growing occupations in environmental work:

1. Conservation Officer
Responsible for enforcing provincial and federal environmental regulations governing the protection of wildlife, fisheries, and natural resources
Job Perk: You might get to drive all-terrain vehicles, snowmobiles or boats on the job.

2. Waste Management Specialist
Plan, implement, and coordinate comprehensive waste management systems that are designed to maximize waste prevention, reuse, and recycling opportunities
Job Perk: A wasteful planet means you’re always in demand.

3. Aquatics/Marine Biologist
Study the behaviour, evolution, distribution, and relationships among organisms in aquatic environments
Job Perk: Always know where the best fishing holes are located.

4. Environmental Assessment Analyst
Use statistical methods to interpret numerical data and generate useful information required for environmental projects and activities
Job Perk: Using mathematics to save the planet.

5. Meteorologist
Analyze data, including surface and upper air observations of temperature, wind, pressure, and humidity, weather satellite data, radar data, lightning strikes to build forecasts
Job Perk: Be the first on your block to know that a storm’s brewing.

5 Most Interesting Green Jobs

The following are some unique and exciting occupations emerging out of core areas of the environment:

1. Avalanche Forecaster
Combine skills in mountaineering with knowledge of mountain conditions, weather, and snow science to evaluate the risk of avalanches in a given area
Job Perk: Managing, handling and discharging explosives.

2. Environmental Epidemiologist
Assessing the health status of the population and monitoring the presence of communicable or chronic disease derived from environmental toxins and hazards
Job Perk: You’re one of the first to know about the newest pandemics.

3. Glaciologist
Analyze how glaciers and ice caps move and change in response to climate change and how these changes in turn influence climate and the surrounding environment
Job Perk: Lots of hiking and even more ice climbing.

4. Remote Sensing Technologist
Use aerial photos, imaging radar, digital image analysis, and Global Information Systems (GIS) to study the Earth’s surface
Job Perk: Make Google Maps look like child’s play.

5. Sustainable Architect
Oversee the design and construction of buildings with a focus on the role a structure will play in its environment
Job Perk: Energy-savingr light bulbs showcase your work.

5 Most In-Demand Green Jobs

These occupations form the core of the majority of the work conducted in the environment today:

1. Environmental Engineer
Plan, design, and supervise new advancements in environmental protection and conservation using scientific and mathematic principles
Job Perk: Truly be part of the solution, not the problem.

2. Environmental Technician/Technologist
Use technical skills and scientific knowledge doing hands-on work to assess, clean up, and protect the environment
Job Perk: Satisfaction of seeing the direct impact of your work.

3. Remediation Specialist
Design and implement remedial action plans to clean up sites affected by substances such as automotive fuels, pesticides, and heavy metals
Job Perk: Turning worthless land into fields of gold.

4. Air Quality Technician/Technologist
Monitor, assess, and report on ambient air quality in both urban and rural areas, as well as air quality in environmental emergency situations such as fires or chemical spills
Job Perk: Knowing the real recipe for “fresh air”.

5. Hydrologist
Hydrologists study the dynamic nature of water, for example the forces that cause water to move in the environment and what effects this movement has
Job Perk: Always knowing where to get a great glass of water.

For more information on these and over 100 other environmental occupations, log onto the ECO Canada Student Portal to view our Occupational Profiles.


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